James 1

Who wrote this book and who was he?

Who is this book written to?

What should we consider pure joy?

How should we pray?

What kind of riches should we hope to have?

Where does temptation come from?

What is the life-cycle of sin?

Where do good things come from?

What should we be quick to do and slow to do?

It's not good enough to listen to the Word but we need to also do what?

What is the mirror that we should look intently into?

What is pure religion?

James 2

How are we to judge other?

How much of God's law should we keep?

How will we be judged if we don't show mercy to others?

A true faith is one that is backed up by what?

Who all believes that there is one God?

By what action do we understand Abraham's faith?

How did Rahab show her faith?

How is the body and spirit compared to faith and deeds?